The Checkatrade Foundation

We work with local, national and international charities to help those in need.

Charity stories

Harvey and Gavin (3) (Copy)Harvey

Little Harvey Young needed a life-changing operation in America to treat Spastic Diplegia, a form of Cerebral Palsy.  This operation would mean Harvey could look forward to a normal life and not one spent in a wheelchair.  Harvey’s parents needed to raise £50,000 for the operation which would take place in St Louis, Missouri.

The operation was undertaken in 2013 and Harvey is getting stronger and stronger every day.  Checkatrade Foundation have handed over £15, 293 to Help for Harvey which couldn’t have been raised without help from Checkatrade employees and friends and family of Harvey.


In 2012 we raised £8,576.62 for Evie, a little girl who needed an implant to enable her to hear.  When Evie was three weeks old, her family found out she was profoundly deaf and made the decision to do all they could to help their little girl.  The only option was an Auditory Brainstem Implant which would cost £60,000.

Evie has had her operation and can now hear and we are very proud to have helped make this happen.

Just reunitedSmriti

Through Checkatrade Foundation, Checkatrade employees support orphanages in Nepal. In the past we have collectively raised enough money to rescue two boys from a remote village, return them to their mother and we even pay for their schooling each month.

When the children had to vacate one of the orphanages with only a week’s notice we paid for carpets and furniture for the new building.